My name is Dr. Tracie Hines Lashley and known as the LeadHERz Architectâ„¢. I am a woman of GOD and know he has ordered my steps to guide women and young girls to a path to success and elevate into significance. I was born and raised in Panama City, FL. Growing up around positive people had a strong influence. I was born at a time when women were starting to lead and start successful businesses. I was fortunate enough to have strong women (i.e., mother (Mrs. Valinda Russell Jackson) and grandmothers (Ms. Katie Hobbs Hines & Mrs. Martha Lee Russell) around me who instilled many values, which is a reason for my success. However, my grandfather (Mr. Raymond Russell) and father (Mr. Myron Hines) had a strong impact on my life also. The two of them taught me that being a strong woman was necessary for personal growth.

My professional leadership journey started at a young age. I was also fortunate enough to be Vice President of the AYAC youth group, which was under a group named A.C.U.R.E which I joined once of age. This membership showed the importance of politics and building strong communities. Two strong influences were the late Mr. John Bruce and Ms. Janice Lucas. I will forever be grateful to them.

As the years passed, I was fortunate enough to be assistant manager for a 5-star hotel, a bank chain, and a daycare chain, team leader for several positions, and branch manager for a Department of the Army command. I am also fortunate enough to be trained, coached, and mentored by Dr. John C. Maxwell. I am an Executive Director for The John Maxwell Team, where I consult, train, coach, and speak to enhance people, teams, and organizations. I am also the CEO of T. Hines Enterprises LLC, THE Leaders Innovative Growth Solutions LLC, and Boss'd UP LeadHERz, Inc. I am also Vice President and COO of RTLash Distributions LLC. 

After many years of experiencing the Queen Bee Syndrome, I realized that it is NOT okay for women to think they must tear down other women once progress or seek progression to leadership roles. Women in the federal government have been subject to the glass ceiling for many years, which is the reason for my dissertation topic 'The Shattered Glass: A Phenomenological Study of Factors Influencing Career Progression of Women Serving in Federal Leadership Roles".

I am on a personal journey to unite women business owners and leaders to grow, inspire, rally, and lead other women and young girls.

Thank you for joining my personal mission to connect and grow women!


Dr. Lashley launched ACEIRT Solutions LLC, which has divisions for strategic business management consulting, learning solutions, Automation services, and media.

ACEIRT TV: https://www.aceirttvnetwork.com
ACEIRT LEARNING CENTER: https://www.aceirtlearningcenter.com 

SLAM FRAMEWORK: https://www.slamframework.com 

She also launched an Emotional Intelligence infused corporation, HEARTfelt Intelligence, Inc.